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There is one fundamental rule about making money, and that rule is; You can generate revenue from anything that you spend money or time on.

I want you to know that there are several Work from home jobs anyone who is willing to earn money either full time or part time can do to make a fortune in 2019. The 5 business models that will be exposed hear are things a lot of us spend time and money on but ignore the fact that we can make a lot of money from them as well.

This is so because a lot of us are trained to be consumers. We consume a lot of things, but we also fail to understand that we can also benefit and make a fortune from the things we consume. But don’t worry! In this article;

“Work from Home Jobs – 5 work from home jobs rich in 2019”

In this article you will see successful business models that will transform your bank account if you do it well. You will see some cool stuffs you can do from home to make a lot of cash. all i will ask of you, is that you should not just read, also try to apply.

With that background, let us look at these business models. These types of business models and remote jobs are powerful on their own but the revenue they can generate is limitless when you combine them. Their synergistic money making prowess in amazing. With a good business plan and business model canvas, you will make a fortune from this  business models.


Work from home jobs/

This will perhaps be the most popular business model around. However, many people mistake its popularity for its ineffectiveness or as being saturated and thus do not approach it as it should be.

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Many people consider blogging as a project for hobbyists. However, blogging when done with a strategy can generate above six figures a month for their owners. There are countless living proofs to this effect. People like Ed Woodsworth, Pat Flynn and several others have achieved that feat.

Niche websites;

A niche can be referred to as anything that has (passionate) following. Some of the most popular niches are Love, Health and fitness, finance, food and hiking. This niches have a lot of people who have interest in them.

To create a niche website, one needs the following

♦ A niche – pick one of the above listed ones or choose to write anything that you are passionate about. The fact that you are passionate about it means that there will be others who will be interested in it too and such people will be willing to pay.

♦ A website/blog – creating a website is easy. You need a domain name, hosting package and a content management system (CMS). My recommended is WordPress.

♦ A domain name – (the name people will refer to your blog as. E.g. A quick tip; your domain name should be related to what the niche you are going for.

Resources: use to search possible domain. Domain names can be bought from clients like Namecheap, Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc.

♦ Hosting Package – This is where all the information/content you put on your blog will be saved. Both Hosting and Domain name should cost less than $60.

♦ A great blogging/affiliate theme when you are using WordPress. It won’t cost above $60

Content – write the knowledge and ideas into blogposts.

To make a niche website, you need

♦Affiliate products – The whole idea of affiliate marketing is recommending a product to someone else. At the very core of it, we have all been affiliates of products we love before. We have in one way or another referred people to movies we like, food, clothes and others. The best part of doing affiliate marketing with niche websites is that you get paid commission sometimes ranging from $30 to over $100 for each person referred.

♦Traffic – Traffic comes in paid and organic forms. Paid as the name connotes refers to traffic that you direct to your site through paid advertisement. This could be running google AdWords or Facebook ads traffic to your site to enable people find your site and hopefully buy the affiliate products you are advertising so that you can earn your commissions.

Free traffic on the other hand is generated through Optimizing your site so that it is index by search engine crawlers and found when certain keywords your site is ranking for is searched for on search engines.  The traffic especially (paid) can generate tens to the hundreds of thousands of visitors for even a day.

Supposing even 10% convert and you are selling a product that gives you a commission of say $30 – $100. That is easily making $300- $1000 a day. The idea is to build many of these sites so you can earn as much commission from as many products as possible.

You can apply to be an affiliate of products from companies such as commission junction, share sale, click bank, Bluehost (web hosting) and even for amazon products. Amazon may not pay the best of commissions but they have one of the best commissions structure, in that if you direct someone to amazon product and they buy it, and decide to buy other products on there for the next 24 hours, amazon pays you commissions on those too even though you did not lead them to those products.


Endwellimpact.comIf you have a solution to solving problems, then you must consider making an app or putting that solution in a book and selling it. The process is simple. You just have to host the book on a website and direct traffic to it. You will then capture their emails and consistently sell to them when you write new books related to the same subject matter.

The best part of this model is that you do not need to know how to do these things. Let’s say you settle on selling eBooks, You can pay freelancers a small fee for them to get it done for you. They will write the book you want, design the cover and even set up the squeeze page that will collect the email for your subscribers.


Marketing continues to be one of the major headaches of companies today. There are so many companies doing the almost same things that it becomes very difficult to standout. Giant companies spend a fortune on marketing and advertisements so as to get people to find them and hopefully do business with them.

However, small companies and startups do not have the financial muscle to do bankroll such exorbitant campaigns. That’s where you come in.

What these companies lack in financial muscle, you are going to make up for with creativity. You are going to set up an ad company that will run advertisements using very low cost but effective guerrilla marketing techniques. Define the possible audience of the companies who ask for your services and use the tactics on them.

♦ Graffiti – Get a good street artist to not only etch the ads of your client companies on walls but also in the hearts and minds of people with unforgettable murals.

♦ Fliers – Print fliers of client companies and hire people to share it through fun and unforgettable ways.

♦ Teaming up with a local food/coffee joint – One of the most effective ways of guerrilla marketing is to team up with a local food joint that sells good food. The idea is to drive traffic to them so that they can testify by word of mouth about how great your client companies are. That is another way of making use of word of mouth testimonies.

♦ Wrap a car services– Run an ad to get people who want to make extra cash to get their cars wrapped in your client companies’ insignias. The people who get their cars wrapped will have to travel a certain mileage to be able to get the monetary reward you offer. Where your fliers of adverts won’t reach, these cars may and will win customers for your clients.

♦ Hire an RV – Advertisements must be attention grabbing. RVs are huge and wrapping a car or bus with client’s emblems is one of the surest ways to grab attention and customers. People can’t help but get attracted to it.



Running a YouTube channel is synonymous with running a blog. The obvious difference is that with blogs, you get your ideas out mainly through writing whilst with your YouTube channel, you do it with videos. Your income is multiplied when you combine the powerful effects of the two. Every day millions of people go on YouTube to watch videos giving you a lot of potential audience and customers.

Similarly, with YouTube, you need a niche, you will be talking about. You also need to find affiliate products to market in that niche.

The easiest way to do this is to record a review video of these products. This has a very powerful effect since you are using word of mouth testimony – arguably the most powerful marketing strategy out there.

After recording the review videos, you will leave your affiliate links in the video description and then you will get commissions when people purchase these products through your links.

However, you can always sell your own products or even front your own talk show. You think you can run a web show of any sort, give it a shot on YouTube. When you become successful, the television networks will start coming for you.


Writing a book some years back used to be one of the most difficult tasks ever not to talk of getting it to be published. However, with the advent of amazon and kindle, it is quite easy now to do. You can write a very good book and get a lot of people to see and buy it in a matter of weeks. It is that easy.

What’s more, you do not have to be the writer of these books. You can get people to write it on your behalf and pay them at most $200 to get the job done for you if you are not that good at writing. They serve as ghost writers and do the writing for you so the book will end up being yours and all royalties will come to you.

Amazon will pay you royalties at the end of the month for number of books sold and numbers of pages of your books read. The more good books you get on kindle and promote, the more your royalties are going to rise.

What’s more, you can add affiliate links to products or your own products so that as many people read the book and decide to try these products you are recommending, you will get some affiliate commissions from there.

There are different home based jobs we can do working remotely but this 5 is the one I feel you can use as an entry level as you keep learning about others.

Take Action. You have the blessing of God upon your life. The blessing is an empowerment to make wealth. Don’t waste it.

Try your hands on at least 2 of these models. I am prepared to help and guide you every step of the way. You are blessed.

Drop your comments and questions below.

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