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Two things that happened to me when I visited the prison – Funke Felix-Adejumo

Tell you 10 things very shortly. You are beautiful some years ago, the state government, you know where i live – invited me to the prison to come and preach. I returned from that experience a better woman, a better believer.

Two major things happened to me;

Number one: The way those people were praising the lord those inmates changed my life. I became a dangerous worshiper, a thanks giver that you cannot stop. I saw a monday I would be about my father’s age.

He was even blind and I was saying to myself: why would they not release this man discharge him? No matter what has happened as I was being taken around the prison, I saw a particular room and I was told that the prisoners here, some of them have never seen outside, they have, never stepped out of that room since 1988.

It was that day. I understood that freedom is a blessing. If you understand that you will stop complaining that you don’t have a red heart. You will stop complaining, my thanksgiving life changed just by that visit, but the second thing that happened to me.

I noticed that all the inmates had their uniforms and they had two numbers: a very a smaller one in the front and a bolder one. At the back – and i asked questions the one in the front i was told, was the serial number.

You are number 633 in this prison or the one at the back date of discharge. 20. 53. 20, 71 everywhere each one goes, he carries the numbers and suddenly the holy ghost spoke to me and said. The way these inmates carry their numbers is the way everybody carries his or her destiny around when you were born, you were born naked, but not empty is a pity that some people, rather than fulfill their destiny, they have become supervisor generals.

This one doesn’t wear hearts. These are weird makeup that one doesn’t know how to do what is your business as if heaven is your backyard for 10 years i didn’t wear makeup for 10 years. I didn’t, wear jewelries for 10 years.

I covered my head. If you see my wedding picture, you will cry for my mother. I got my my wedding dress from england, but my pastor’s. Wife had to inspect it and hear what she said where she expected it:

Sister funke, You cannot wear this dress why souls are perishing as if souls had not been perishing before i was born. I saw still not perishing so she now made me one coco suck dress total neck like this one pneumoniae after is there? Can you imagine, on my wedding day no jewelry, no makeup, no powder, nothing! I looked at the picture.

Sometimes i said only funky the person that did you like this. It’s. No, no. The person don’t try at all. There’s, a new trend and some of us that’s. Our background now hear me.

This is one of the reasons why the cross has four entrances come with your cup or your scarf come without your cup, come with jeans and make up come without it just make sure it is the cross you have come to, and you have no right to Judge me romans 14:14.

You have no right to judge anybody, to his master, he stands or he falls. carry your hat. Carry it very well disturb anybody’s view it’s your hat! It’s yours. You didn’t borrow it from anybody.

Carry your barrette slanted very well. It is your parents, but excuse me, do not condemn the people that don’t carry hearts. Let us not go to the genesis of this hat. You need to google it because the people that even found that his hat says after 12 noon is not supposed to be worn.

But what am I driving at it’s beautiful when you wear it? It’s, your conviction and the person that doesn’t wear. It does not need to condemn the people that are wearing it. We need to set the record straight among women.

Men don’t have issues like this. Do you notice, did you let’s? Stop all this. Nobody should condemn mata for mary. Nobody should condemn mary for matter. We are all different and you have no idea how god is dealing with me.

There are people i can reach that you can. Never reach with your hearts and there are people you wearing that i can never reach with my makeup that’s, why we are different. So please women, let’s! Settle this love! Your sister accept your sister! Stop criticizing your sister! If you believe in this – and she doesn’t, believe he doesn’t change just make sure it is the cross it’s important to you.

I exist to impact the world through my services and dedication to the development of individuals who desire to learn and unleash their untapped potential to the glory of our creator.


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