What Is Love? ❤❤❤ By Apostle Joshua Selman – The Dimensions Of Love ❤❤❤ [A Must Watch]

“And You Will Know the Truth, And the Truth Will Set You Free” – John 8:32 {Niv}

In this message What is love? Apostle Joshua Selman explained what true love is all about.

Hear this;

“Understanding Love will turn every aspect of our lives around. From; Relationships, Finance, to Your walk with the Holy Spirit”

This message  will expose you to all the dimensions of love and help you understand love from Gods perspective.

For most of us, the scope of our understanding when we mention love is centered on the emotional attachments of love. Therefore when we feel good about something or someone, we call it love.

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But I want you to know that true love is not emotions or feelings.

Many of our marriages, many of our relationships, many of our businesses, are hinged on physical things that were pointed out and used as references to mean what we call love today.

If the entire scope of your definition of love for a person or for a thing is just an attempt to express your emotional affinity towards that thing or person then it’s not love because, true love is not feelings or emotions.

Hear this;

“Love that is based on feelings should not be trusted”

Feeling according to Apostle Selman is; an expression of your psychological disposition at a given time. Or a temporary dispositions based on something we consider pleasant.

Building anything on just feelings and emotions is a guarantee for failure and frustration.

There are many things in life that have the capacity of creating positive emotional experiences or feelings. E.g Looks, Education, Appearance, Orientation, Finance, Spirituality etc.

This message is a must watch because many people are suffering in relationships and marriages because they don’t understand what love really means.

A lot of people measure love with feelings. But hear this;

 “Feelings can be deceptive and are not an accurate measure of love”


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