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The 3 keys you need for business success: The “D.D.S” Principle

“Ignore the D.D.S…….IGNORE WEALTH”

After years of study, analysis, and experience I came up with this important principle I call the “D.D. S” principle. This principle is very important if you ever want to create lasting wealth. If you ignore them, you are simply ignoring financial abundance.

After you create your value (product or service),  you must follow this principle if you really want to make something special out of it.


Value not duplicated will die. Bill gates is not wealthy because he just created a value. He is wealthy because he was able to duplicate the value. KFC is not just a big business because it created a value; it’s a big business because it duplicated the value. Your value when created must and should be duplicated.


After you duplicate your value, the next stage is to distribute it.  This is where the most important work lies. Effective marketing for me is the heartbeat of every successful business. If I never came up with a system for my business years ago, maybe I would still be struggling now or probably I would have been out of business.

The distribution of the value you have created and duplicated is very essential if you want to create financial abundance. And to do this effectively you have to;


Creating awareness has to do with making people aware of what you do, of the things you sell, the service you render and the value you have created.

But thanks to technology, creating awareness these days is not a big deal anymore. This was evident with the popular movie “Black Panther”. With the help of social media, it’s easier to create awareness for the value they have created.

McDonalds, for instance, has mastered this principle very well. They created a value called “Big Mac” and they created a system that enables them to duplicate the value and produce at least a million of that value every month.

Bill gates, Steve Jobs etc. have also mastered this principle. That is why they are so wealthy. I want to urge you to follow this principle. Your value if not distributed will die. It’s not enough to create value. You must duplicate it, and distribute it if you want to stand any chance of creating wealth and abundance from it.

I exist to impact the world through my services and dedication to the development of individuals who desire to learn and unleash their untapped potential to the glory of our creator.



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