Live full: Potential Vs Purpose



Purpose simply means original intention.

The reason you are doing something is the purpose of it – nothing more nothing less.

Purpose is the WHY backing your actions. And until you know that WHY, the how will elude you.

The reason a lot of people are struggling greatly is because they don’t have enough reason to succeed. Their conviction and reason to succeed is so small that they see no reason to wake up early, sleep a little late to get things done.

Despite living in some of the best countries in the world where opportunities are bound, a lot of people are struggling to survive digging themselves into debt and watching their children go into huge student debts because they have not yet found something to live for, something that will keep them awake whiles others are sleeping.

I want you to take note of this; if you don’t find your WHY, you will feature in another person’s HOW! And guess what they have planned for you again? Not much.

Let others sleep throughout the day, but not you.

Let others spend the whole of their lives working for others, but not you.

Let others continue to struggle to pay debts because they have not yet figured out the reason they are here, but not you.

Let others eat what they don’t want to eat, drink what they don’t want to drink, sleep where they don’t want to sleep, live in an environment they don’t want to live in, send their kids to substandard schools, do the things they don’t want to do, but not you. WHY?

Because there is a great deal of potential in you to make wealth. There is a wealthy person in you. The good book said in that the creator (God) has given us the power to make wealth {See; Deuteronomy 8:18}. Which power is He (God) talking about? Potential!

How do I know this?

I know this because even fruits carry potential (seeds) in them which gives birth to a tree, which releases fruits, which in reality is called Results. And same is true for you. You carry in you a seed called potential which gives you the power and ability to make wealth. The retardation or destruction of a seed is the retardation and destruction of a forest. Also, the retardation of and destruction of potential is the retardation and destruction of wealth.

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