Advice on Xenophobia ft Myles Munroe [Must watch]

Advice on Xenophobia ft Myles Munroe .

Its been a difficult period in South Africa and the African continent as a whole as violent attacks have struck the country of South Africa with reports claiming they are due to xenophobia.

Foreigners especially Nigerians are being targeted and there are numerous videos on social media of these encounters.

But this video Advice on Xenophobia ft Myles Munroe was created to guild us on how we should react to this unfavorable situation.

Africa is a great continent and will always be a great continent so let us not allow this incident tire us apart.

Am appealing to us to show love to any South Africans we find in our various countries despite the attitude of some of their people. As we all Know, Not all south Africans are bad.

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