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Business Ideas: 15 lucrative business ideas to start while working full time [Today]

Looking for business Ideas? Here is 15 lucrative business ideas to start while working full time.

No matter how rewarding and lucrative your full-time job may be,

Finding the right side business ideas and eventually turning it into a full time job and becoming fully self-employed is even more meaningful than great pay and solid benefits you will get from working for others.

I know from experience that being an entrepreneur is not easy but I want you to know that it is far better than holding a 9-5 job.

The reward you get from being your own boss and significantly making more money from your side business idea is really refreshing.

One of the questions I get always from people is how to know the side business ideas to pursue.

That is why I have put together 15 lucrative business ideas to start while working full time.

  1. Ghostwriter.

Endwell impact

This is one side business ideas I always recommend to people who wants to make extra cash whiles working full time.

If you are talented in researching, writing and creating contents you can you can make a fortune with this business idea. All you need to do is to find clients and make sure you do a great work.


  1. Adult evening class.


I know this may sound crazy, but I want you to know that there are lots of adults out there who are crying out for this opportunity. I never realized this until listened to a man and a lady who were complaining bitterly about their lack of education.

This is one of the business ideas a lot of people neglect. But hear this;

If you can assure these people that its not too late for them, to acquire former education, they will be happy to pay for your service.

And I want you to know that money hides in problems, therefore, if you can solve this problem It will not be long before you start making more money from this side business idea.


  1. Public Speaking.


If you are gifted in speaking and communicating with people, public speaking is a worthwhile side business idea for you to pursue.

I know people who making $25,000 and above for one speaking engagement. All you need to do is to carve out a niche for yourself. Find out the area you are good at.

If you are good in talking about relationship, business or personal development, go for it. Then the next thing is to market yourself so people can find you.

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  1. Website design.


This is one side business idea anyone can do and make money from.

A lot of businesses are going online and website design skill is rapidly becoming a sort after skill. You can do it part time and make a lot of money from it.

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  1. Farming


Farming is often neglected, but it is one of the most lucrative side business ideas you can think of. There are lot of areas you can go into in farming. Find the one you are comfortable with and do it.

  • Snail farming
  • Pigs farming
  • Fish farming
  • Goat farming
  • Yam farming
  • Plantain farming
  • Poultry farming
  • Tomatoes farming

  1. Barbering


This is one ever-green business ideas anyone who is willing can do.

I know you will be wondering how on earth I will ask you to quit your job and become a barber.  But I want you to know that you can own a barbing shop without being the barber. Just set it up and hire a barber.

I have seen a lot of people making money from this business idea. Think of how many men within your city who cut their hair every week.

All you need to do is to get a good barber and get people to come. If your barber is good, you can keep your customers for many years as long as they are still in the city.

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  1. Renting services.


Think of what people need and will be willing to rent. E.g. chairs, projectors etc.

I have met a lot of people that are making money from this side business idea.

You can do it and make a lot of money too.

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  1. eBooks.


Packaging your skills and knowledge into a downloadable eBook that delivers value to those seeking to learn, start their or business or brand, advance their knowledge and skill in their careers etc. makes for a strong value proposition if you target the right audience.

Again this is one business Ideas anyone can do.

In this century you don’t need to be a good writer to be an author. There a lots of ghost writers who can get the job done for you. You can come up with a book idea and they will bring it to life for you.

  1. Online Coaching.

endwellimpact / business Ideas

If you have something, you’re skilled at and very passionate about and have and sound knowledge, you can turn that winning combination into offering your services with one-on-one online coaching as a solid side business idea.

All you need to do is to find a client or people who needs the knowledge and skills you have and you are good to go.

Always know that people will be happy to exchange their money for value.

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  1. Affiliate marketing.

endwellimpact / business Ideas

If you have a website is getting traffic, affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income.

One of the easiest side business ideas that guarantees lots of cash if you learn how to do, is affiliate marketing.

You can get offers to promote at warrior Plus and Jvzoo. You can learn more about affiliate marketing on YouTube if you are interested in it.

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  1. Property agent.

endwellimpact / business Ideas

Finding properties for people is a fantastically easy business idea anyone can do and make extra cash. I know people who have acquired a lot by just helping people find properties to either buy or rent.


  1. Driving.

endwellimpact / business Ideas

This is another side business idea a lot of people neglect. Do you know you can be making extra income with your car if after you close from your 9-5 job, you decide to drive people home from 6-10. Think about it.

If you are looking for business ideas that will put extra cash in your pocket and you have a car, this is one of them.

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  1. Refurbishing and reselling used electronics.

endwellimpact / business Ideas

If you have the skills to fix electronics, consider pursuing this side business idea of refurbishing and reselling used electronics in your free time.

  1. Fitness Coach

endwellimpact / business Ideas

Working as a part-time personal trainer as a side business idea can be both physically and financially rewarding. Just know how to market yourself and your brand.

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  1. Running a YouTube Channel

business Ideas

Running a YouTube channel is synonymous with running a blog. Spending time on YouTube can be a legitimate business idea if you take it seriously. Every day millions of people go on YouTube to watch videos giving you a lot of potential audience and customers.

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